AIUTA event: AIUTA 105th Governing board, 10-11th October 2019.


For the first time, thursday 10th October AIUTA GB is organized in the Middle East Region in Byblos, Lebanon. Delegates from AIUTA U3As GB came to U3A AUT. 105 AIUTA GB President Ghada Hinain and Director U3A Marcel Hinain welcome delegates. Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President chairs a ceremony on the Nelly del Forno memory with her daughter Bettina.


H.E. Dr Mohammed Daoud, Minister of Culture, Republic of Lebanon opens the AIUTA / AUT International Conference on « Cultures and Universities of the Third Age » in AUT U3A campus in Byblos, Lebanon on Friday 11th October with President AUT, Ghada Hinain and U3A AUT Director Marcel Hinain. Members of Libanese Parliament Simon Abi Ramia and Ziad Hawat, Argentine Ambassador DR Mauricio Alice and Czech Republic Ambassador Dr Michaela Fronkova spoke at the official opening ceremony attending by AIUTA U3As delegates and many participants and officials from the whole Lebanon