AIUTA event: AIUTA history and new development workshop, September 2017.


Dr. Charles Afolabi, President U3As Nigeria and AIUTA GB Member chairs the first Nigeria National Conference on U3As in Lagos on February 1st. Participants from Nigeria spoke of the mission of U3A in the most important population in the whole Africa. President Sidi Camara from UNITRA Senegal and AIUTA GB Member explain his experience to be share with Nigeria partner on behalf AIUTA. Number of journalists covered this important event.


AIUTA shared working meeting with Dr Charles Afolabi team on the strategies to extend U3As developement in the whole Nigeria. President Sidi Camara explained the experience of Governemental support to UNITRA Senegal. Prof. François Vellas, AIUTA President participated to Radio live discussion on U3As in Nigeria and visited slaves memory sites closed to Lagos.