AIUTA event: AIUTA history and new development workshop, September 2017.


On September 29th 2017, U3As Study Tours presentation was organized  in Djerba, Tunisia with Rym Belajouza, President SEABEL and Anis Meghirbi, AIUTA members. Senior study tours in Djerba island will mix academic lectures with AIUTA U3As participation and demonstration visits to specific cultural sites, art handicraft and natural resources. These demonstrations will put together seniors students from international U3As and will be a new way to discover a country thanks to U3As involvment. Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President Thanks for this important initiative to develop new field on education for all the life « seniors study tours with U3As is a new answer to reach expectations from seniors to share international experience and learn more». AIUTA TV will contribute to disseminate these examples worldwide with new videos.


On invitation from Rym Belajouza, President SEABEL Djerba and Anis Meghirbi, AIUTA members, Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President participates and delivers a presentation on « AIUTA history and new development » to Djerba International Workshop, last September 30th, 2017. This important international workshop put together representatives from institutions, associations and operators involving seniors. Participants agree to support a new U3A development in Djerba dedicate to local people and to seniors visiting the island. New Djerba U3A will set up a pedagogical program link with Tunisian and foreign visiting professors from AIUTA U3As.