Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President with Prof Carlos Santos, AIUTA Deputy Secretary General and Jose Manuel Alho, INATEL member of the Board of Director had meeting in Ponta Delgada on September 30th and October 1 with Secretaria Regional de Governo Regional do Acores Marta Guerreiro and Marlene Damioa, Diretora Regional do Turismo do Governo do Acores to organise next May 4-6 May, 2020 in Ponta Delgada, an European/Maghreb workshop on Implementation Senior Study Tours with U3As. This workshop will be lead jointly by AIUTA, ORT U3A Açores and INATEL representing each year more than 30.000 social and 40.000 non social travellers, mainly seniors, from all over the Portugal. A high level delegation from Acores officials and representants from U3As and professionals will come to next WSTC 2020 to deliver the conclusions of this important workshop.