U3A’s from : Australia, Brasil, Bolivia, China, Colombia, France, Iceland, India, Italia, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Slovakia, Spain and Thailand  get gold , silver and excellency awards from AIUTA/WSTC International competition “Art of living under all circumstance “.

Five top awards winners: Noel Bird for creativity (Australia), Marlene Fabro dos Santos for photography (Brasil), Liu Xiaojiang for song (China), Tan Hongbin for draw (China) and Salvador Espana Ramos for poem (Spain) win the invitation to participate to next World Senior Tourism Congress (WSTC) event in Yantai China.

Golden, Silver and Excellence award will receive awards diplomas and will have the possibility to get their artwork in the new U3A’s art museum in Tianma YEDA Yantai China.

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