MAY 2021

Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President introduce the online Art Award International Conference with representative from the five continents JR Gupta, President Senior Citizen Council of Delhi,  ISU3As INDIA, Prof. Artur Horbovyy,  President – Alina Khalestskaya , U3A Clepsydra, UKRAINE, Janka Chladecka, Director U3A University Economics Bratislava SLOVAKIA and Montse Amoros, Director U3A Jerica, SPAIN, Gustavo Rodriguez Chacon, Director U3A Unilatina, Bogota, Colombia, Charles Afolabi, President U3A Nigeria, NIGERIA, Meng Fanjun, Vice President Tianma Vellas U3A and Qian Zihai, Deputy Secretary-General and Deputy Director of the Office of the Anhui Provincial Association of U3As, CHINA. This 2021 Awards U3As competition will bring together seniors from U3As all over the World and winer will participate to next WSTC 2021 in Yantai, China.