Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President,  had a meeting in Lisbon Portugal on August 4th with Prof Carlos Santos Deputy AIUTA Secretary General and Prof Vitor Ambrosio ISHE Estoril on the new Digital Seniors Flat exchange programme with AIUTA. The goal is to put together AIUTA U3As seniors to exchange their apartment or house in a safe, healthy and confident way to support COVID-19 pandemic recovery. A first international seminar to launch this new program with concrete examples will be held in Açores U3A in 2022 with international online and on site participation. On August 5th, Prof François Vellas met Francisco Madelino, President INATEL The leading senior travel organisation in Portugal and Jose Manuel Alho, Vice President Lisbon and Tage region. Discussion focuses on research on senior study tours with culture and health. New cooperation program will be prepared with AIUTA. François Vellas met Antonio and Cristina d’Abreu on the development of AIUTA U3As in lusophone countries, Sao Tome and Principe will join AIUTA next September 2021.