september 2022

Albert Evrard, S.J. Chair of Elder Law, ITC Toulouse, Alain Koskas, President FIAPA, François Vellas President AIUTA came with Dr Fabio Hauagge do Prado, AIUTA GB Member and Director UDC U3A, Foz do Iguaçu Brazil to participate to the First International Meeting on the older persons legal protection. AIUTA and FIAPA delegates had discussion with P.M. Joseph Christie, S.J. in Rome on September 18th, 2022 to present AIUTA U3As and AIUTA program. This first international meeting focussed on the AIUTA U3As International network and on the program on legal protection of olders persons. Universities of Third Age with older persons associations play a crucial role in this research involving U3As from Europe and South America including Brazil. AIUTA and FIAPA will do the follow up of this meeting developing cooperation with Jesuits universities in the World to develop U3As, Lifelong learning and research on elder law.