AIUTA participate to IX Congresso International Cientifico Professional de Turismo Cultural en Cordoba, February 23/24th at Universidad Loyola Andalucia in the Diputación de Andalucía headquarters. Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President spoke at the official opening of the Congress on AIUTA cultural tourism programs with U3As such as the archeological silk road and the senior study tours. Ana Mafé Garcia, Director Holy Grail European program and Montserrat Amoros, AIUTA GB Member and President U3A Alto Palancia did a presentation on International Pan-European cooperation on the Cultural Holy Grail itinerary with involvement of U3As from Italy, France and Spain. Ana Rodrigues, Director Turismo Barcelona Cathedral and Silvia Aulet, University of Girona y miembro UNESCO UNITWIN Chair Turismo, Culture and Sustainable Tourism, co-funding by Prof François Vellas and chaired by Maria Gravari Barbas, Professor University Paris, could explain the importance of managing and regulate the tourism pressure in specific cultural and religious sites. AIUTA will cooperate with participants to this important congress to develop new initiatives on seniors U3A students with ibero-american universities.