AIUTA U3As with CLEPSYDRA U3As Ukraine National Association did a meeting online with active participation from senior students from Ukraine Regions with participation from France, Spain, Slovakia and United Kingdom U3As. Students and teachers exchange typical ways of traditional drinks preparation such as' Kalinnik '' and « Uzvar '' in Ukraine or « Kir royal » in France and « Orchata '' in Spain. From Cordoba congress, Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President with Montse Amoros expressed their solidarity to Ukraine U3As as well as Maria Chester from United Kingdom, Janka Chladecka from Economics University U3A Bratislava in Slovakia and team from Toulouse U3A with Gaetan Veyrent. President Clepsydra Artur Horbovyy and Vice President Alina Khaletskaya open and coordonate this friendly meeting between Ukraine U3As and International AIUTA U3As.